Dr. Stephen Cabral

Naturopathic doctor, ayurvedic, and functional medicine practitioner, founder & CEO of IHP and Equilife. Advising on hormones, weight loss, toxins, aging and so much more.

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Stephen Cabral always loved health and wellness, but he developed a passion for it after encountering severe health complications at 17. No matter how many different doctors he saw or treatments he tried, none of them helped improve his condition.

He started on his road to recovery after he met with a doctor who explained how he could get better and why he was sick in the first place. From then on, he has dedicated his life to helping others achieve balance in their own lives and improve their health overall.

Dr. Stephen Cabral is a highly respected naturopathic doctor and ayurvedic expert, with over 250,000 happy clients worldwide. He is the author of “The Rain Barrel Effect”, which teaches people how they can use simple changes to create powerful health improvements.

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