Dr. Lee Know, ND

Doctor, entrepreneur, author, and medical product development consultant.

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Lee Know, ND is a highly esteemed naturopathic doctor based in Canada and the proud holder of numerous awards.

His peers are well aware of his brilliance, which is why he has been highly sought after in a variety of roles such as medical advisor, scientific evaluator, and director of research and development for major organizations.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for forward-thinking strategies, he brings invaluable insight to any team.

Not only is he in charge of Scientific Affairs for his own company, but he also provides consulting services to the natural-health-products and dietary supplements industries. Furthermore, he serves on the editorial advisory board of Canada's most prominent natural health magazine.

Dr. Know is an avid author, having penned numerous articles on the topic of natural health, as well as a book. His primary mission is to spread awareness of the powerful potential of natural medicine and its ability to help people lead healthier happier lives.

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