Garrett Salpeter

Founder and CEO of NeuFit, author of The NeuFit Method and applies neurology for better outcomes in rehabilitation and fitness.

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While Garrett has a background in Engineering and Neuroscience, it was during his time as an athlete on the hockey team that he developed an intense fascination with the human body.

After suffering from numerous injuries and feeling frustrated by traditional solutions to aid him in recovery, Garrett set out to create NeuFit-the product of knowledge gleaned from both engineering and neuroscience combined.

After discovering functional neurology and successfully avoiding surgery, he was ecstatic to discover a more natural approach that worked. He had now found his life's mission: sharing this neurological-based remedy with the world.

By blending advanced electrical stimulation and practices from functional neurology, NeuFit has enabled people to speed up the process of recuperation for a variety of injuries and surgeries. With such power, individuals can reach their fitness objectives much more rapidly than ever imagined!

From athletes returning to their respective sports fields to individuals with paralysis striving for movement, this revolutionary work has benefited a variety of people. Not only that, but more and more practitioners are adding technology into their medical practices, physical therapy clinics as well as fitness facilities all over the nation.

His bestselling book The NeuFit Method has sold millions of copies worldwide.

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