Ashley James

A self-healing educator, holistic health coach, and rapid anxiety relief expert.

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Ashley experienced a plethora of health issues since she transitioned into adulthood, including the inability to conceive. At 19 years old, it was confirmed by both an MD and an endocrinologist that having children would not be possible for her.

To begin, Ashley took her expertise to the next level - becoming a massage therapist and Reiki Master. Afterward, she became highly qualified as an NLP practitioner and trainer, Time Line Therapy master, Hypnosis specialist, and certified coach.

During her twenties, she experienced numerous hormone-related issues, was diagnosed with diabetes and struggled to maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, continuous infections and fatigue became the norm for her health.

Sadly none of the doctors she consulted could present her with an alternative other than pharmaceuticals that provided temporary relief without any indication of long-term healing potential.

In 2011, Ashley was determined to discover the power of self-healing and how it could be used to reverse her conditions. This is when she decided to take a leap of faith into naturopathic holistic medicine.

Through utilizing these natural practices, Ashley managed not only to cure her diabetes but also to resolve all other hormone issues as well as restore energy levels and stop chronic infections in their tracks!

Remarkably, Ashley and her husband managed to conceive a baby naturally after six years of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts without the help of traditional medicine. This incredible accomplishment was achieved by opting for self-healing through diet, supplements, and nutrition!

Tune in to Ashley James' Learn True Health podcast, where she has enlightening conversations with holistic health experts and Naturopathic doctors.

With insightful interviews from her expert guests, listeners can learn how to get their health and vitality back naturally through holistic medicine, nutrition, diet changes, and modifying lifestyle habits.

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