Yaasa Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket

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The Yaasa Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket promotes more restful sleep and induces calm. Select from four stunning colors and two amazing weights of 15 and 20 pounds.

Whether you are trying to relax after a long day, or simply want to fall asleep faster, the Serenity Weighted Blanket will be your new best friend.

Just like the feeling of a gentle hug, this ideal pressure sensation, known as Deep Touch Therapy (DTT) has both physical and psychological benefits, promoting a healthy heart rate, circulation, and inducing a wonderful sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Created from layers of the softest fabrics, this Serenity Weighted Blanket feels as amazing as it looks. 

All blankets are hand-knit and provide maximum breathability, which means you’ll never sleep hot. The open weave design also provides excellent weight distribution.

Get the Yaasa Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket - it’s the only blanket that hugs you back!

Key Features
  • 2 weight options: 15 & 20 pounds
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Cover: 100% organic cotton
  • Filing: 100% recycled polypropylene
  • Spot cleaning only
  • Hand knitted
  • Sleeps cools

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