Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

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The Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel is made to assist you to enhance your flexibility and stretching your hips, abdomen, chest, and back.

It will gently massage your spine. To relax and open up your back, place it between your shoulder blades and roll out. The yoga wheel not only opens up your back but also increases flexibility.

The inner core is made of high-density ABS, which is extremely durable and can support up to 500 pounds without flexing or bending.

The TPE padding is moisture-resistant, making the mat water-proof to maintain it hygienic and germ-free! So you may rest assured that your Yoga Wheel will not have a musky odor.

Key Features
  • A black circle yoga wheel
  • 10mm thick soft padding
  • Maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Skid-resistant eco-friendly 3/4 inch thick TPE padding
  • ABS inner core
  • Available in 3 sizes & 2 color options

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