UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

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The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel is one of the best yoga wheels on the market. It is made with a medium firmness foam that is perfect for support and comfort.

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel has a 550-pound load capacity and can support up to 8MM of padding. The frame is made from a non-flexible ABS material that is extremely durable.

The texture grips are designed to provide a non-slip grip even when your hands are sweaty. The closed-cell foam is resistant to sweat and will not absorb your sweat.

This yoga wheel is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a high-quality and durable yoga wheel.

Key Features
  • Medium firmness
  • 550 pounds load capacity
  • 8MM Thick foam padding
  • Non-flexible ABS frame
  • Non-slip texture grips
  • Closed-cell sweat

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