Feathered Friends Bavarian 850 Down Comforter

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The Feathered Friends Bavarian 850 Down Comforter emerges as the heavyweight champion in our list of fluffy down comforters with a whopping 850+ fill. 

There is no way you’re getting chilly with this soft-down comforter wrapped around you. 

For those of you feeling a tad stifled and roasting under the collar due to the heaviness of this down comforter, rest assured for you faint-hearted individuals, there are lightweight options available.

The lightweight option is an excellent choice for warmer climates and hot sleepers. A medium weight option is also on hand, for those more moderate temperatures. 

Like its fill power, this down comforter packs a hefty punch on your finances. It doesn’t come cheap. Spend your money where you spend your time!

Key Features
  • 3 density options: light, medium, arctic
  • Eastern European white goose down
  • 850+ fill power
  • Single-ply cambric cotton cover & 400 thread count
  • Sewn-through construction
  • Double-stitched piped edge
  • Sewn-in corner fabric loops, to attach duvet insert to duvet cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • RDS Certified

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