Classic Brands Hercules Platform Metal Bed

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The Hercules Platform Metal Bed from Classic Brands is a heavy-duty metal bed that supports most mattresses well. It's a cost-effective alternative to conventional bed frames, foundations, or box springs.

The sturdy black metal frame supports any kind of mattress and offers 13 inches of storage beneath. It comes ready to assemble with no tools required, and it fits most headboards and footboards (brackets available separately).

It's a bed frame that doesn't need a foundation or box spring, and it has a solid surface and legs like those of a bed.

If you want to add a foundation, you can do so as well. This is an excellent way to support any type of mattress since it has lots of storage space below and caps on the legs to safeguard.

The metal base has a clean, modern design and offers the most all-around support for your mattress of any foundation, with 12 points of contact to the floor.

With a generous weight capacity of up to 2400 pounds for the larger beds, combined with a budget-friendly price point, you'll get the support you require for a good night's sleep.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • Supports memory foam, innerspring, hybrid & latex mattresses
  • Foldable bed frame with a rigid surface
  • 13 inches of under bed storage
  • Capped legs
  • Weight capacity - 1200 pounds for Twin / 2400 pounds for Full/Queen/King

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