Zinus Demetric 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

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The Zinus Demetric 14-inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation eliminates the need for a box spring since your memory foam, spring, or latex mattress should be placed directly on the SmartBase.

The steel mattress support, which is uniquely created for maximum support and durability, features numerous points of contact with the floor for stability and can support up to 2400 or more pounds depending on the size you pick.

The SmartBase is well designed for ease of use, with plastic caps to protect your flooring and an innovative folding design that allows for easy storage.

Using this convenient kit of brackets, you can add your own headboard, footboard, or both to improve the look of your room!

The Stampede Value Bundle includes two heavy-duty steel brackets, as well as all tools and screws necessary for installation. It is designed to fit 14-inch SmartBases only.

The Zinus Demetric 14-inch Elite SmartBase is a standout metal bed frame for heavyset individuals!

Key Features
  • SmartBase + Brackets
  • Steel bed frame
  • Supports spring, latex, memory foam mattress & hybrid mattresses
  • Weight capacity for Twin/Twin XL 2400 pounds
  • Weight capacity for sizes bigger than Twin XL: 4400 pounds
  • 5 sizes available
  • 12.8 inches of under bed storage
  • Heavy-duty 2 steel brackets

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