Zinus SmartBase Super Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation

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The Zinus SmartBase Super Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation is one of the best bed frames on the market for heavy people.

The frame is built of durable steel, which can support your mattress without the use of a box spring. This single, extremely long-lasting item is all you need to relax properly.

It’s made from heavy-duty steel and is available in black and beige. It’s also available in 5 different sizes. The frame has a 14-inch height and recessed legs, preventing you from stubbing your toes.

It also has 12.8 inches of under-bed storage. The twin/twin XL size has a weight capacity of 2200 pounds. The full/queen and king sizes have a weight capacity of 4400 pounds.

The frame assembles easily in minutes with no tools required. It also comes with headboard and footboard brackets.

The Zinus SmartBase Super Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation has a 5-year limited warranty. Making it the perfect bed frame choice for big people!

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • 2 colors available: Black & beige
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • 14-inch height
  • Recessed legs
  • 12.8 inch under bed storage
  • Twin/Twin XL weight capacity - 2.200 pounds
  • Full/Queen & King weight capacity - up to 4.400 pounds

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