Rebel Scientist

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On the Rebel Scientist podcast, Sarah Turner and Russ Eisenman embark on their pursuit of longevity through better health.

Sarah, the "Rebel Scientist," pushes boundaries with her creative health explorations while Russ, the self-proclaimed biohacker novice, tracks his personal growth as a side-effect of joining her on this fascinating journey.

Tune in to this award-winning podcast and experience exclusive interviews with renowned biohacking professionals, as they divulge the latest news on health & wellness! Uncover useful strategies for taking control of your well-being - from nutrition and sleep habits to red light therapy.

On every episode, we explore the most up-to-date developments in wellness, nutrition, sleep patterns, and various other topics with some of today's top experts on Biohacking. Uncover all that is possible when it comes to revolutionizing your health!

During this period of increased individual responsibility for the future, they are a welcome respite!