Sarah Turner

CEO of CeraThrive, Co-Founder of Rebel Scientist, and co-host of the Rebel Scientist podcast.

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Sarah boasts an impressive academic background, possessing a BSc in Psychological Sciences and Nutritional Medicine as well as a post-graduate qualification in Clinical Neuroscience.

She has conducted extensive research on both traditional and alternative methods, with the sole aim of enhancing brain health and forestalling conditions related to neurological illnesses.

While in California, Sarah was drawn to the Biohacker movement. This inspired her appreciation of physics' importance in biology and sparked an obsession with light's restorative powers for both body and soul.

Through her involvement in a clinical trial assessing the potential of near-infrared light to ameliorate Parkinson's Disease, she discovered firsthand just how transformative this therapy can be.

Sarah is passionate about bringing her extensive knowledge base and clinical research experience to CERAThrive. She dreams big for their holistic brain-focused venture, with a variety of nootropics, instruction courses, and cutting-edge strategies for optimal brain health in the works!

Sarah also loves to share her knowledge with her podcast audience and will continue to promote the power of functional nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and energy-based therapies.

Podcast hosted by Sarah Turner