Dr. Morton Walker, D.P.M.

Podiatrist, medical journalist, and successful medical author.

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Dr. Morton was renowned for his abundance of books that highlighted natural medical remedies, including "The Miracle Healing Power of Chelation Therapy," "DMSO Nature's Healer," and the ever-popular "Nutrients to Age Without Senility."

He also wrote about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and The Gerson Therapy—publications that have truly revolutionized the way we look at health today.

Spanning 40 years, Dr. Walker's illustrious journalism career began with his book "Your Guide to Foot Health," published in 1964 during the time he was still managing a successful podiatry clinic - which came before becoming a full-time medical journalist.

Medical experts know Dr. Morton Walker for his esteemed monthly column, "Medical Journalist Report of Innovative Biologics," featured in the alternative medicine journal Townsend Letter.

Dr. Morton aptly used his professional experience and in-depth research to successfully communicate complex medical topics in a way that the general public could understand—elevating alternative health to new heights of mainstream recognition.

The legacy he left behind will forever be remembered as one of great importance, as many practitioners still rely on Dr. Walker's books and writings for innovative treatments today.

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