Michael Rubino, CMR, IEP

An expert in mold removal, author of The Mold Medic, and founder and President of HomeCleanse.

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From the tender age of five, Michael Rubino embarked on a path that would lead him into the construction industry. Working alongside his father Richard's restoration company served as an invaluable learning experience and prepared him to take over when he graduated college in 2013.

Over the years, Michael noticed some issues with how the current industry addressed remediation in homes, even though his father's business specialized in fire restoration. Water and mold were two major elements of the procedure too.

As he observed people enduring prolonged health issues stemming from mold, he decided to investigate further and uncover the root of the problem. His research indicated that merely removing mold was not enough; its byproducts had to be eliminated as well in order to truly remediate a home or business.

He determined it was necessary to address the source of moisture that caused mold formation in order for full restoration of the environment.

His newfound expertise guided him to become a council-certified mold remediator by the IICRC and ACAC; from this, he founded All American Restoration—a business committed to shifting the paradigm of remediation. He is now an expert in helping those who are immunocompromised or have intense and prolonged reactions due to their exposure to mold.

Leveraging his scientific knowledge, he created remediation strategies that not only eradicate mold sources but also completely eliminate 100% of the contamination with the help of his exclusive "Home Detox" method. His and his company's efforts have already assisted more than 1,000 families in recovering from toxic mold exposure until now.

In his book, The Mold Medic, he guides readers through the journey of mold remediation and improving indoor air quality so that all households can establish a secure environment for everyone to live in.

For Michael, dedicating himself to spreading global consciousness about establishing healthy indoor spaces is a primary goal and passion for what’s to come.

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