Leon Hill

Biohacker, engineer, health podcaster, and master herbalist.

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Leon's mission is to empower people with the knowledge and life-saving techniques of biohacking.

He has created a unique approach to health and longevity, sharing his experiences through workshops, speaking engagements, online courses, videos, and podcasts.

Leon Hill began his journey into biohacking in the mid-2000s when he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, a complex bacterial infection that affects the nervous and immune systems.

After seeing only minimal results from conventional treatments, he took matters into his own hands and began researching alternative options.

The result was an approach to health and wellness that combined ancient healing methods with modern technology. Leon developed a system of daily nutrition, supplements, and breathing techniques designed to help people expand their potential and reach peak performance.

Today, Leon is a sought-after teacher and speaker in the world of biohacking. He is passionate about helping others unlock their true potential through lifestyle optimization and healing modalities.

He also provides education on the importance of understanding how our environment affects our health and well-being.

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