Jim Kwik

NYT bestselling Author, host of the Kwik Brain Podcast, and brain and memory coach at Kwik Learning.

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Jim Kwik is the mastermind behind Kwik Learning, a world-renowned specialist in speed reading, boosting memory and brain performance as well as accelerated learning.

For over two decades, he has served as a mentor and advisor to countless students, seniors, entrepreneurs, educators, CEOs, and celebrities across the world. His extensive experience in the field of brain coaching gives him unique insight into how best to help people reach their full potential.

After a brain injury during his childhood left him with learning disabilities, Kwik developed tactics to considerably increase his cognitive performance.

From then on, he has been devoted to helping others unleash their hidden potential and mental capacity so that they can learn quickly and lead an existence of increased power, abundance, efficiency & tranquility.

Kwik's innovative approaches, captivating presentation style, and remarkable mental acuity have made him a go-to trainer for some of the biggest names in the business - like Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos; universities such as NYU, GE Harvard, and CalTech; studios including Fox Studios; as well as Singularity University.

Jim Kwik is the acclaimed host of the Kwik Brain podcast, which has been recognized as #1 on iTunes for self-improvement. His online courses at KwikLearning.com are used by students from over 180 countries across the world!

Kwik and his diligent team are passionate about providing education to those in underprivileged areas around the world. From Guatemala to Kenya, they strive to impart knowledge by funding schools that offer health care, clean water, and learning opportunities for impoverished children.

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