Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD

Founder of The Gut Institute, microbiome consultant, educator, and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

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Meet Dr. Grace Liu - the acclaimed Gut Goddess and a certified Functional Medicine practitioner with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree!

Not only does she offer consultations to her patients, but also provides courses that teach practitioners via the Microbiome Summit. In addition, she has developed and is selling probiotics and other communal products accessible through her website.

The Gut Institute is a revolutionary platform designed to help people learn about their digestive health and how to improve or maintain it.

By providing detailed knowledge, this incredible resource helps empower individuals and communities alike in making mindful decisions that lead to better gut well-being.

In addition to her work at The Gut Institute, Dr. Grace is passionate about speaking on the topics of gut health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

She actively gives lectures in different countries - always spreading the message that restoring one's digestive health can propel individuals toward better overall well-being!

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