Gary Kirwan

Biohackers Lab Founder, and health and wellness enthusiast.

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Gary Kirwan is the co-founder of Biohackers Lab – a website and health podcast that dives into the depths of biohacking and citizen science for betterment.

With its help, people can explore ways to improve their own or their family’s overall well-being through innovative experiments.

Boasting a degree in Chiropractic, he has an avid interest in numerous health disciplines, ranging from pain management to nutritional well-being.

Gary's mission is to equip people with the right tools, resources, and knowledge so they can start their journey to becoming a biohacker. He believes that by having control of one’s own personal health and well-being, individuals can reach a higher quality of life.

His website provides helpful tips and tricks on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and sleep, while his podcast also covers topics related to data-driven health and longevity.

It’s a great way to stay informed on the latest trends in biohacking and how it can be applied in daily life.

Podcast hosted by Gary Kirwan