Brian Sanders

Co-founder and CEO at SAPIEN Org, and podcast host of Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living.

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Brian Sanders is the filmmaker behind the Food Lies documentary, host of the top nutrition podcast Peak Human, and an international speaker.

He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works as a Health Coach at Evolve Healthcare and co-founded the health education company, Sapien.

He also works to spread awareness of regenerative agriculture and increase access to well-raised animal products through his company Nose to Tail.

His mission is to give people the best information and tools to make healthy decisions. His passion for nutrition and lifestyle has inspired him to create educational materials, become a podcast host, and create the Food Lies documentary.

He believes in the power of small lifestyle changes that can lead to big impacts on our health and happiness.

Podcast hosted by Brian Sanders