Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

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If you're seeking a reliable source to help you create nutritional and dietary habits that will bring your health to its peak potential, Peak Human is the perfect audio series for you.

Filmmaker and health coach Brian Sanders has curated this unbiased show in order to cut through all of the contradicting information out there on nutrition, giving listeners a structure they can rely on when it comes to achieving optimum health.

To establish the absolute best nutritional framework for optimal health and freedom from chronic ailments, renowned medical professionals, researchers, and journalists are consulted to gain insight.

Drawing from both ancestral wisdom and cutting-edge science, this dietary philosophy is rooted in the principles of nutrient density.

The podcast is filled with in-depth conversations about a variety of health and nutrition topics, such as the ketogenic diet, plant-based eating, intermittent fasting, sustainable lifestyle choices, and much more.