Ben Bergeron

Author, a former Ironman triathlete turned CrossFit Games competitor, and professional fitness coach to the world’s elite CrossFit athletes.

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Ben Bergeron is a well-renowned athletic coach who has trained some of the fittest athletes in the world. As a former Ironman triathlete himself, Ben knows what it takes to be successful in CrossFit competitions.

His guidance and coaching have led six athletes to world championships. Currently, he coaches the reigning Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth, solidifying his place as one of top CrossFit coaches globally.

If you want to create the world's fittest athletes, Ben says you need to start by building better people. He believes that champion athletes - in any sport or discipline - are always backed by strong individuals. Mental toughness is what separates Ben's athletes from the rest, and it's the key to their success.

In 2007, he started CrossFit New England where he would coach people who want to improve parts of their lives that went beyond fitness and health. Right now, he creates training programs for thousands of athletes competing in events all over the world while also sharing his expertise with other gym owners and coaches at seminars.

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