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Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome

Treatments for Nuclear and Chemical Nightmares

Apr 28, 2014 | 767 Pages
Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome

This book's primary purpose is to instruct you on how to heal yourself from the rising levels of radiation exposure in the northern hemisphere.

The book outlines a safe and effective protocol to protect oneself from radiation exposure and its accompanying symptoms. It includes detailed instructions on how to make various natural remedies, such as herbal teas, medicinal baths, and tonics, to help reduce radiation damage.

The reader will learn the importance of detoxification through proper nutrition, exercise, minerals, and vitamins.

The book also reveals the latest information on diagnosing and treating radiation poisoning and nuclear toxicity syndrome, as well as the importance of protecting yourself from the dangers of radiation.

It offers guidance on what to do in an emergency, such as evacuating and decontaminating an area and how to locate clean food sources.

The book also includes extensive listings for finding alternative medical practitioners who specialize in treating nuclear toxicity syndrome and other related maladies.

Finally, it provides readers with a comprehensive list of resources for additional information and support.

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