The Quantified Body

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The information revolution is upon us! In the upcoming 5 years, you will be astonished by all that you gain knowledge about - your body's health and performance included.

Stop taking shots in the dark when it comes to your health and fitness. Instead, take control of your body with confidence through informed decisions, instead of pursuing fleeting trends that offer no solid results.

Are you ready to explore the latest advancements in biometric tracking? The Quantified Body is here to help! From wearables, biomarkers, lab tests and protocols specifically tailored for individual needs to n=1 experiments and crowd science – this program has it all covered.

Join The Quantified Body now on your journey into the cutting-edge trends of self-quantification!

On this show, a variety of guests are featured who are experts in their field regarding how data can be collected and used to improve health management and optimization.

The esteemed panel consists of scientists, lab technicians, medical professionals, as well as citizen scientists with intriguing perspectives.

The Quantified Body is devoted to discovering the most dependable, accurate sources of data that can provide you with the clearest understanding so you are able to make smarter decisions concerning your bodies.