Damien Blenkinsopp

Serial entrepreneur, Founder of KetosourceUK, and the host of The Quantified Body podcast.

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Damien is the mastermind behind Ketosource and host of The Quantified Body, a popular health tech/data podcast.

He is an alumnus of London Business School with a Master's in Business Administration and attained both French (ESC) and UK 1st Class Honours undergraduate degrees.

He has had a successful career in data-driven analysis, ranging from strategy consulting to market analysis and health tech/data.

Damien is driven by a commitment to health, extended life expectancy, and dependable outcomes. His Quantified Body and Ketosource initiatives are both aimed at utilizing data science and analytical technologies to help people reach their desired results with assurance.

He has written for many publications, consulted for numerous companies and organizations, and participated in various projects related to health tech. Additionally, he is an active advisor/mentor to startups and entrepreneurs within the health tech space.

Damien’s passion is helping people use data effectively to find solutions that work best for them. He is committed to using data science and analytics as a tool for improving health, extending life expectancy, and ensuring reliable outcomes.

Podcast hosted by Damien Blenkinsopp