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Dr. Daniel Pompa is an internationally renowned cellular healing expert and author of The Cellular Healing Diet book whose sole mission is to improve the lives of people around the world through uncommon remedies for common issues.

After an arduous skirmish with mercury poisoning, Dr. Pompa uncovered the reality behind conventional health and nutrition myths - all through a lifestyle system known as the 180 degree solution. With this method, he is determined to help others achieve better physical wellness for themselves.

Each week, Cellular Healing TV provides viewers with free wellness and health advice from esteemed experts like Dr. Pompa through fascinating podcasts that include interviews of top-tier professionals in the healthcare industry from around the globe.

Tune in to be exposed to the most recent data and insights on trending health topics, including weight loss resistance, dietary regimes, diabetes, detoxification from heavy metals toxicity, thyroid concerns , Lyme disease as well as biotoxic illness.

Dr. Pompa is an unyielding self-experimenter who will bring you his most esteemed secrets and tools that can upgrade your life by enhancing your well-being!