Teemu Arina

Digital transformist, optimal human performance specialist, best-selling author, and biohacker.

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With an impressive 18+ years of technology entrepreneurship, writing, and speaking experience under his belt, Teemu Arina is a true professional.

As a leading expert in the convergence of humanity and machinery, he focuses on topics like biohacking, digital health, quantified self, the internet of things, technology-aided learning, and wearable computing.

In 2015, he was bestowed with the prestigious Leonardo Award (which is supported by both European Parliament and UNESCO) for his exemplary efforts in advancing Humanity through Digitization.

Mr. Arina is a renowned co-author of the Biohacker's Handbook, which helps to maximize health and wellness with high-tech and organic tools; additionally, he founded the highly successful Biohacker Summit conference that brings together over 1000 people annually in pursuit of living better through science, technology, and nature.

As the founder of Biohacker Center, an independent research center dedicated to helping people reach their peak performance in Helsinki, and advisor for Tech Noir Lab, a fashion technology lab with locations based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, he is making strides towards bettering human lives.

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