Ryan Michael Ballow

Ryan Michael Ballow is a combat veteran, entrepreneur, and 15-year meditator, neuroscience, and nootropic researcher.

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Ryan is an avid proponent of the "less is more" mantra for nootropic compounds. His ventures, iMobileRescue Inc and Cortex Labs are a testament to this belief in action.

As a Combat Veteran, Ryan has seen firsthand the struggles that can come with transitioning from the military lifestyle to a civilian one. After being discharged from active duty in 2005, he had difficulty finding his place back in civilian life.

In an effort to reconnect and find direction, he began meditating daily and researching nootropics and their effects. This research ultimately led him to the founding of iMobileRescue Inc in 2008, a mobile phone repair business.

Since then, RyanMichaelBallow has been dedicated to improving his own mental and physical health through meditation, nootropics, and fitness.

He is an advocate for the use of natural compounds over synthetics because of their lack of side effects and proven track record for mental and physical enhancement. He also believes in the importance of self-care, advocating meditation, fitness, dieting, and sleep as integral components of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to his business ventures, Ryan dedicates much of his time to furthering neuroscience research on the effects of nootropics on overall health and well-being.

He is an active member of the Nootropic Research Society and serves as a board member for Cortex Labs, a research lab dedicated to furthering our understanding of cognitive enhancement compounds.

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