Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.

CEO and Co-founder at FoundMyFitness, and host of the FoundMyFitness podcast.

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While completing her graduate studies at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Dr. Patrick delved into the relationship between mitochondrial metabolism, apoptosis, and cancer for her research project.

Post-doctoral fellow training under renowned Dr. Bruce Ames at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute put Dr. Patrick on the cutting edge of knowledge in his field.

She explored the potential consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiencies on metabolism, inflammation, DNA damage, and aging - as well as if supplementation could undo these effects. Furthermore, she also investigated how Vitamin D impacts brain activity, behavior patterns, and other bodily processes.

In 2014, she astounded the scientific community by publishing an invaluable paper in FASEB Journal demonstrating how vitamin D affects serotonin synthesis and its correlation with autism.

Through her investigation at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, Dr. Patrick delved into the function of insulin signaling in relation to misfolding proteins--a prevalent trait within neurodegenerative diseases.

She often speaks to people about the link between micro-nutrient deficiencies and age-related diseases, genetic influence on how nutrients affect a person's health, and advantages of exposing the body to beneficial stressors including exercise, fasting, sauna use, or cold exposure as well as emphasizing mindfulness practices. Additionally, she emphasizes reducing stress levels and getting enough sleep.

Dr. Patrick is determined to shake up the conventional thought process and motivate the masses to adopt a proactive, preventative mindset when it comes to health and longevity.

Podcast hosted by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.