Patrick Cummings

Entrepreneur in the fitness and wellness space and Chasing Excellence podcast co-host.

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Since 2006, Patrick has been an essential figure in CrossFit circles. He launched Again Faster Equipment and had a role in creating brands, founding companies, and producing media content. His success lies not only in his individual contributions but also in the impact he's had on those around him.

He founded Functional Branding to guarantee that you can pursue your passions for years and decades to come.

By leveraging Functional Branding, Patrick has been able to empower gym owners, trainers, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge that they need in order to grow their brands. He is proud of his work and honored by the immense success stories he's heard from those who have gone through his mentorship program.

With Patrick's guidance, they've learned the importance of starting from their business' core so that all components are clear and organized.

His life mission is to motivate the world and make a positive impact. He believes that gym owners, entrepreneurs, mentors, and content creators are essential figures in facilitating change for the betterment of society.

Patrick has built a strong reputation with his podcast Chasing Excellence, where he interviews leaders from various industries about their journeys, successes, and failures.

He covers topics such as personal growth, goal-setting, risk-taking, resilience, and how to become an impactful leader in any field.

Podcast hosted by Patrick Cummings