Nick Lane

Academic professor, biochemist, and best-selling author of books on evolutionary biochemistry.

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Nick Lane is an esteemed professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry at University College London's Department of Genetics, Evolution, and Environment.

Professor Lane has pioneered research on how energy flow has impacted evolution over the past 4 billion years, implementing a combination of theoretical and experimental work to unravel the birth of life, the development of complex cells, and peculiar features such as sex.

He was one of the founding members of UCL's Consortium for Mitochondrial Research, as well as Co-Director of UCL Centre for Life's Origin and Evolution (CLOE).

In recognition of his tremendous contribution to molecular life sciences, he was awarded the 2009 UCL Provost’s Venture Research Prize, 2011 BMC Research Award for Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Evolution, 2015 Biochemical Society Award as well as 2016's prestigious Royal Society Michael Faraday Prize and Lecture —the UK’s premier accolade celebrating excellence in science communication.

Professor Nick Lane is the acclaimed author of five books on evolutionary biochemistry and has released more than a hundred peer-reviewed papers in leading international journals.

His work has earned him fellowship status at all three esteemed organizations: the Linnean Society, the Royal Society of Biology, and the Biochemical Society.

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