Nathalie Niddam

Podcast host and longevity biohacker specializing in holistic nutrition, human potential, and epigenetic coaching.

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Nathalie is a self-described science geek with a special interest in human health. Nathalie is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, an Epigenetic Coach, and a graduate of the Human Potential Training Institute's first class.

For many years in her teenage years, she dealt with chronic health and digestive problems. However, later on, she discovered how to use her body's own natural healing ability. Now, she wants to help others attain control over their well-being by sharing the valuable knowledge that she has gathered throughout the years.

Nathalie combines a variety of human performance disciplines such as neuroscience, individualized nutrition, nutraceuticals, biohacking, ancestral health, and resilience training in her method.

She uses one-on-one and small group sessions with clients to access their unique genetic code to customize supplementation, nutrition, and lifestyle therapies in order to provide long-term effects.

Her interest focused as she learned more about Peptides and Bioregulators, and she leaned into learning all she could about these powerful compounds that can stimulate the body's healing processes and even reverse Biological Age!

Now, she helps to educate her clients and followers about the importance of signaling molecules through both her podcast and Facebook page. In doing so, she gives people the tools they need to better their own lives.

Nathalie is also the host of the Biohacking Superhuman Performance podcast, which features cutting-edge experts from around the world in areas such as longevity, health optimization, and, of course, biohacking.

Podcast hosted by Nathalie Niddam