Logan Christopher

CEO at Lost Empire Herbs, and the host of The Vital Way Podcast.

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Logan Christopher is the founder and CEO of Lost Empire Herbs, an online company that helps people reach their highest levels of health and wellness through natural herbal remedies.

He also hosts The Vital Way Podcast, a show dedicated to helping people find their own unique blend of nutrition, exercise, herbs, and lifestyle that allows them to achieve optimal health and vitality.

Logan Christopher is a physical cultural aficionado. He has tried just about every workout and bodybuilding method imaginable.

Highly renowned for his impressive kettlebell juggling abilities, he also boasts a vast repertoire of bodyweight skills and is an accomplished performing strongman.

Drawing on his expertise as a certified hypnotist and NLP Practitioner, he fashioned the Peak Performance Trinity to help people leverage physical training, health, and mental strategies for peak performance.

He is now one of the industry's top minds when it comes to applying mental tactics toward reaching your goals in athletic pursuits.

Podcast hosted by Logan Christopher