Kirk Hamilton, PA-C

Founder and President of Prescription 2000, Inc, Physicians Assistant, and host of the Staying Healthy Today Show podcast.

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For over 38 years, Kirk Hamilton PA-C has been a dedicated health educator and physician assistant specializing in nutrition, prevention, integrative, and lifestyle medicine.

He is also an accomplished author who works to make healthcare more accessible through his writing.

Kirk ardently conveys the concept that disease prevention through lifestyle is an essential factor in combatting skyrocketing healthcare costs and the ever-growing epidemic of chronic diseases.

Kirk is the President and Founder of Prescription 2000, Inc., an Integrative Medicine consulting practice that focuses on preventative strategies for addressing chronic conditions. He also provides individual lifestyle medicine consultations through his practice.

Kirk has worked extensively with clients from all walks of life to help them achieve their health goals in a supportive environment. He is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Kirk is also the host of the ‘Staying Healthy Today Show’ podcast. Through this program, he provides up-to-date information on health issues and assists individuals with formulating their own self-care plans.

Podcast hosted by Kirk Hamilton, PA-C