Kayla Barnes

CEO and Partner of LYV Wellness, Co-Founder of Optimal Health Ventures, and on Forbes Business Council.

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Kayla is a trained expert in both brain health and human optimization coaching.

Kayla is not only the CEO and Partner at LYV The Wellness Space, but she has also ushered in a new wave of modernity with her ingenuity. Her clinic specializes in precision medicine and biology upgrading, revolutionizing healthcare throughout the country.

Kayla is not only the originator and presenter of the Brain Biohacking Podcast but also a co-founder of the Health Optimization Fund.

For over 10 years, Kayla has been dedicated to researching and discovering the most effective preventative and regeneration services and technologies for improving human health. For her efforts, she's even earned recognition as a top leader in longevity on an international level!

Kayla is not only an esteemed member of the Forbes Council but has also been showcased in some of the world's foremost media outlets.

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