Joel Greene

CEO of VEEP Nutrition System, author of The Immunity Code, and advisor to food and nutra companies.

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Joel is a renowned author, speaker, and guest featured in esteemed publications such as Muscle and Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness Digital Magazine. Moreover, he founded VEEP Nutrition System - the world's first truly commercially available program centered around targeting gut communities to evoke biomarker responses.

He has lectured at prestigious universities like Harvard and consulted with dozens of top companies. His book, The Immunity Code, is a must-read for anyone looking to boost their immune system naturally.

Joel has a unique ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms, making it easy for readers to understand. Joel's expertise and passion lies in the intersection of nutrition, custom diets, and bio-hacking – all designed to enhance human performance and health.

He currently works closely with CEO's, athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, coaches, and nutritionists.

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