Jason Moore

Founder and CEO at Spren (Elite HRV), and host of The Elite HRV Podcast: Heart Rate Variability, Biohacking Health & Performance, Quantified Self.

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At Spren, Jason is the Technical Founder and CEO who has pioneered a revolutionary combination of mind, body, and technology. With his expertise in tech, he co-invented groundbreaking innovations that have elevated this venture to new heights.

For over ten years, Jason Moore has been creating sensor and data systems to enhance people's lives with better safety, effectiveness, and productivity.

He is now a highly acclaimed HRV expert who provides health consultation services for professional sports teams, first responders, and medical research groups worldwide.

Jason is also the host of The Elite HRV Podcast, a weekly show dedicated to Heart Rate Variability and Biohacking Health & Performance. His guests include elite athletes, world-renowned exercise physiologists, biohackers, and authors.

In addition to his ongoing research and development projects with Spren, Jason also educates the public on the importance of HRV testing and its potential impact on their health. He is a frequent keynote speaker at tech conferences, medical symposiums, and more.

With his expertise, he has been a constant source of inspiration for new athletes and entrepreneurs alike. Jason Moore is determined to redefine the term “biohacking” as we know it today, in order to improve our everyday lives. He hopes that one-day heart rate variability will become a mainstream technology.

Podcast hosted by Jason Moore