Emma Sutherland

Experienced Naturopath, nutritionist, author, speaker, and health podcaster.

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Emma is an expert Naturopath, having earned a Bachelor of Health Science and four years' worth of training in the fields of Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and Homoeopathy.

With over 17 years of knowledge caring for young girls and women during all life stages, her bustling medical clinic bestows upon her invaluable clinical awareness while staying abreast of cutting-edge patient-oriented trends.

Emma proudly serves on the advisory boards of both the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine and Blackmore's Institute.

Emma is a respected podcast host at FX medicine and the Women's and Children's health ambassador, where she speaks with experts in her field to bring relevant medical information to those that tune into her show.

She has written two books, one on women's health and the other geared toward children. Emma is a sought-after speaker, regularly delivering keynote speeches at events and conferences around Australia.

What sets her apart from other practitioners in her field is the emphasis she puts on understanding how lifestyle choices affect our physical and emotional well-being, using evidence-based science as a foundation for her work.

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