Cynthia Thurlow, NP

Nurse practitioner, metabolic health, and Intermittent fasting expert, author, speaker, and the Everyday Wellness Podcast co-host.

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For almost two decades, Cynthia Thurlow dedicated her career to the world of clinical medicine, primarily in emergency and cardiology departments.

Although she deeply admires conventional medical practices' capability to cure illnesses and save lives, she began considering underlying causes for chronic health conditions more profoundly.

Quickly, she came to understand the influence of food on her patients' health and well-being. To aid them in sustaining their ideal state of wellness before they encountered an emergency situation, she went further into nutrition and functional testing education.

After Cynthia experienced a health scare in 2019, her passion for nutrition and intermittent fasting has become more personal. She is now passionately devoted to teaching others about the incredible power of functional nutrition and how it impacts well-being!

She is committed to helping women overcome common issues such as a lack of energy, weight gain, and food cravings.

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