Dr. Bryant A. Meyers, M.A.

With a BS MA in Physics, is a former physics professor, TV host, author, and leading expert in the field of energy medicine and PEMF, and the CEO of Energyways LLC.

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Bryant Meyers has become a highly-acclaimed bestseller and the pinnacle of expertise in the realm of energy medicine and PEMF therapy. He is renowned for his former role as a TV show host, accompanied by decades spent teaching physics and math at notable universities.

For over 25 years, Bryant has been deeply immersed in the world of energy medicine. He's invested a hefty sum of $800,000 to research and test every potential device out there while attending lectures from many renowned experts in the field.

Thanks to his dedication, he now understands these devices better than anyone else in this industry!

For 14 years, Bryant has been devoted to researching PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy since he believes it is the most successful and thoroughly researched energy medicine device available in today's time.

Thanks to this revolutionary technology, countless individuals have experienced pain relief, better sleep patterns, and improved health overall. He feels blessed that his work with energy medicine and PEMF therapy devices has positively impacted thousands of lives!

His life-changing book, PEMF – The 5th Element of Health, has consistently been a top seller in its genre.

Bryant Meyers is the CEO of Energyways LLC, where he works with a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping people improve their health with energy medicine and PEMF devices.

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