Boomer Anderson

CEO at Smarter Not Harder, CEO at Troscriptions and Health Optimization Medicine, and health advisor to entrepreneurs.

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Despite leading a prosperous career and an active lifestyle, Boomer Anderson received a life-altering diagnosis at age 30 - cardiovascular disease.

Startled by this sudden surprise, he set out on a journey of self-improvement that encompassed proper sleep habits, nutrition, meditation, and even psychedelics--all driven by his passion for data.

After nine successful years in the banking industry, Boomer chose to walk away from his career and pursue his deep-rooted passion for optimizing performance.

Seeking a more personal approach to health, Boomer developed the Decoding Superhuman process--a data-driven methodology that delivers tailored performance. As CEO of Smarter Not Harder, Inc., parent company to Troscriptions, he consistently strives for excellence in his field.

Boomer is the CEO of Health Optimization Practice Europe, a non-profit. Moreover, he works personally with entrepreneurs to leverage data and health technology in order to improve their own practices.

Boomer is the brainchild of Decoding Superhuman, a podcast that leverages performance analysis, behavior transformation, and technology to support clients in achieving their ideal health.

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