Anna Beth Fishman

Biohacker, host of This Is Biohacking podcast and teacher.

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Anna Beth's interest in biohacking was inspired by her aspiration to become a stronger, healthier version of herself. By leveraging the power of self-experimentation, she set out on a mission to master her body and mind with strategies that are grounded in science.

Fueled by her unwavering connection with her daughter, they both embarked on an Instagram journey to share their wisdom. This endeavor quickly gained momentum and it wasn't long before a producer approached them for an appearance on his show.

This inspired them to take it one step further and launch their own podcast. They are passionate about helping others improve their overall health and wellness by mastering the art of biohacking!

Meet Anna Beth Fishman - wife, mother of three, and certified yoga instructor. She has been teaching 1st to 4th grade in public education for the past 21 years, and currently works as a Strengths Finder coach at her school district.

Anna Beth is a proponent of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, believing that it has been integral to her physical and mental well-being. She often lauds the results she's seen from this treatment, claiming that she's feeling better than ever before!

Anna Beth strongly believes in the power of biohacking and that every time you push your boundaries and step outside of your comfort zone, it is a form of biohacking. She enjoys trying out new ways to increase her health and well-being by experimenting with different approaches.

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