Anadi Martel

An author, experienced physicist, and electronics designer, and President at Sensortech Inc.

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Anadi Martel is an experienced physicist and electronics designer, renowned for his consulting work with prestigious businesses like IMAX, Cirque du Soleil, and the Metropolitan Opera of New York.

For over three decades, he has been exploring the healing powers of light and the association between consciousness and technology, leading to Sensora - a revolutionary multisensorial system.

Renowned across the globe, his sound spatialization devices have even been employed by NASA. He is currently President of the International Light Association (ILA) and resides in Quebec.

Anadi's work is focused on bringing the latest scientific breakthroughs to market, bridging the gap between research and implementation. He has collaborated with numerous universities and institutions around the world, such as Stanford University and NASA, to develop revolutionary technologies and products.

He has spent decades researching the power of light and its effect on states of consciousness, leading him to develop Sensora- an integrated multisensorial system designed to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being through light, sound, and vibration.

Sensora is currently used in a variety of industries from healthcare to hospitality.

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