Alexa Fishman

Biohacker, host of This Is Biohacking podcast, and nurse.

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Alexa's fervor for biohacking was ignited by her ambition to become a more powerful, healthier version of herself. She teamed up with her mother and created an Instagram page as a platform where they could pass on their knowledge to like-minded individuals.

Driven by their enthusiasm, they soon caught the attention of a producer who invited them to be guests on his show. This opened up even more possibilities and led to an invitation for them to host their own podcast!

Alexa is driven by her dedication to educating others on how they can use biohacking techniques to enhance their health and well-being.

Alexa is a nurse who has devoted her career to helping others. Her expertise as a biohacker, combined with her enthusiasm for discovering new methods of improving the human body's performance, has made her renowned in the field.

Podcast hosted by Alexa Fishman