Dr. Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Was a renowned psychiatrist who over 50+ years ago was one of the first to apply biochemistry successfully to psychiatry.

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Dr. Hoffer not only helped his patients recover from schizophrenia but also collaborated with colleagues to study and create treatments based on diagnosis, nutritional status, and biochemical individuality.

Restorative care is not limited to standard medications and therapies. Dr. Hoffer's long career has been committed to resolving patients’ episodes and restoring mental health by correcting brain chemistry, thus inspiring a paradigm shift in the medical field.

Although his work was met with gratitude from patients, it was largely shrugged off by psychiatrists. Dr. Hoffer realized that most doctors either ignored or dismissed his ideas – without even trying them out for themselves – after years of sharing his research and reporting back positive progress in medical journals.

Dr. Hoffer believed that millions of mental patients deserved better quality care, so he embarked on a campaign to educate the public.

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