Kiierr272Premier-MD Laser Hair Cap – MAX Growth Bundle

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The Kiierr272Premier-MD Laser Hair Cap – MAX Growth Bundle is perfect for anybody who wants to help promote healthy, fast, and fuller hair growth.

Revitalize healthy blood circulation in your scalp with Kiierr 272 Diode MD laser black ball cap which features 272 diode MD – Laser Technology.

Kiierr stretch fit cap headband uses a patent-pending design that fits comfortably on your head and is adjustable to fit head sizes of up to 24.5 inches.

Individual diode lasers with longer-lasting and more durable structures offer precise targeting. Just 30 minutes every other day for optimum results.

Sensor technology has been programmed. If your cap falls off your head, it will switch itself off for added safety. For greater convenience, no reminder beeps have been included.

Longer, wider, and deeper battery plus up to three more treatments per charge for enhanced hair growth (up to 3 additional treatments per charge). To encourage thicker hair on the sides/back of the scalp, there is a longer, broader, and deeper foundation.

It comes with a wall charger plug and a USB portable power pack, providing a charge anywhere you go, whether it be work or play.

Best laser cap with Kiierr’s largest hair growth bundle for MAX growth!

Key Features
  • 272 Diode MD – Laser black ball Cap
  • Kiierr stretch fit cap headband
  • Laser cap carrying case
  • Wall charger power plug
  • USB cord
  • Portable power pack
  • User Manual & FAQ’s Guide
  • Fits up to a 24.5-inch head
  • Diode lasers
  • FDA cleared
  • Low-level light therapy

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