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Revolutionizing the world of radio broadcasting, Super Human Radio is devoted to providing listeners with up-to-date information on anti-aging practices, peak performance training, health and fitness trends, and nutrition guidelines.

On his radio show, Carl Lanore dares to tackle conversations that others won’t touch - from the advantages of anabolic steroids and anti-aging remedies to consuming raw food diets. His thought-provoking discussions are truly captivating!

This dynamic show is both captivating and educational, making even the most complex topics easy to comprehend.

Carl is always pushing the boundaries, looking to uncover new and innovative ways for people to live healthier, longer lives. With a wide range of topics covered, this show covers everything from hormone replacement therapy to proper sleep habits.

Super Human Radio isn’t just about providing listeners with valuable information on living healthy and long lives; it’s also meant to empower and inspire them.

By introducing listeners to the latest breakthroughs in health, fitness, and nutrition, they’ll be able to make more informed decisions on their path toward peak performance.