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Author and, CEO of Godsangelinstilettos.

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Tisha Foster has been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). SPS is a rare and incurable neurological disorder in which muscles become rigid and stiff, leading to joint pain and spasms.

Symptoms of the disorder can range from mild muscle stiffness all the way to full-body rigidity that affects mobility, leaving many individuals wheelchair-bound.

Despite the difficulties she faces, Tisha Foster has continued to be an advocate for those living with SPS and other chronic illnesses.

She founded her own organization, Godsangelinstilettos.org, which seeks to provide support, education, and advocacy to individuals struggling with chronic illness. Through her organization, she also works to raise awareness about rare and incurable diseases, such as SPS.

In addition to advocating for a better understanding of chronic illness, Tisha Foster has also taken a proactive role in helping those living with SPS.

She has created resources such as an online support group, and a list of medical professionals specializing in the disorder, and even organized an annual SPS awareness day.

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