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My Journey with God through Stiff Person Syndrome

Profile picture of tisha-foster Tisha Foster (Author)
Mar 05, 2019 | 136 Pages
My Journey with God through Stiff Person Syndrome

My Journey with God through Stiff Persons Syndrome is a captivating, emotionally-resonant account of one individual's experience living with the rare disorder known as Stiff Person Syndrome.

Tisha Foster is grateful to God for permitting her to experience this debilitating condition that sets off triggers, distorts mobility, and generates a muscle spasm that causes you to collapse.

Miss Foster is determined to spread awareness of a rare disorder that affects one person in every million, by highlighting its symptoms and the difficulties it can cause for individuals living with the disability as well as their loved ones.

Embark on a journey through the life of grace and grandeur she once enjoyed before her SPS diagnosis, as well as the beautiful existence that follows today, all thanks to God's mercy.