Samantha Lee Wright

Entrepreneur and podcast host of The Essential Oil Revolution - Health, Purpose, and Aromatherapy.

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Samantha is a proficient online platformer and an enthusiastic mentor of podcasting, ushering up-and-coming podcasters into their future with certainty and assurance.

With her incomparable Pineapple Podcast Academy, she provides beginner podcasters with the tools and expertise they need to get their podcasts up and running. Her educational program has already proven fruitful in facilitating a multitude of creators in beginning their journeys.

She is an avid supporter of local entrepreneurship and passionately leads Startup High Country, a non-profit organization that nurtures small businesses in the North Carolina region.

As a certified aromatherapist, Samantha uses essential oils to improve the lives of others and has co-authored several books on the topic. With her enthusiasm and expertise, she leads a movement of aromatherapy and natural lifestyle changes that benefit the people around her.

Through her podcast, blog, live events, and other media outlets, Samantha has dedicated herself to helping others reach their healthiest selves through botanical healing.

Podcast hosted by Samantha Lee Wright